venerdì 11 aprile 2014

Gnudi di grano saraceno con burro e salvia / buckwheat "gnudi" with butter and sage toppingl

I had the honour to be part of the group called  "Chef Project", that the Italian Association for Celiac desease organized few weeks ago in Florence, Italy. The aim of the project is to form a group of chefs that are able to give a safe service to the customers and a good quality and healty food.
Each of us should bring a recipe. I brought with me the well known florentine "gnudi", revised to the occasion.
If you are not a florentine you will likely don't know what a gnudo is...  The word itself means undressed.. so funny... This is because the inside stuffing of the raviolo has no cover...
The original gnudi are made with boiled and finely chopped spinach, fresh ricotta cheese, flour, eggs, parmesan cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper. We mix the ingredients and make small balls that we cook in the boiling water and sauté with a topping of butter and sage, salt and pepper. I made an adjustment and changed the wheat flour with the buckwheat and here it is: my dish of gnudi di grano saraceno with butter and sage topping!

To accomodate my green balls I prepared a wafer of parmesan cheese. Simply delicious and gluten free!

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