domenica 20 aprile 2014

The story of Juliet 2

Juliet escaped from her country when her father was murdered. He changed his faith from muslim to christian. An armed group of muslim activists did not agree with the decision and killed him under the eyes of his doughter. She only had to leave the country in a very fast way. Moving on traks through the desert, she got to Morocco and than to Spain, got a train and reached Italy where a friend was waiting for her. She was told that if you go to Italy you find a job and you can send money to your relatives for a decent life. Juliet discovered soon that things are not that way... She got a job, yes, for one year, taking care of an old lady in Napoli. She breathed a little bit, she had the money that her brother and mum were expecting to receive from her. But the old lady died, and what could she do than?
Paul liked Juliet and asked her to follow him to Tuscany. Something will come out, he may have thought. Juliet followed him and when she discovered to be pregnant she didn't wanted to keep the baby. How could she grow this baby if she has no roof on the head?Paul wanted to keep the baby. "We will do somehow", assured him, that has no residence permit.

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