venerdì 18 aprile 2014

The story of Juliet 1

One morning I reached her by phone and took appointmet at the railway station. She came and in a very simple way just explained that she had a baby of 1.200 kilo weight at 28 weeks life...Every day she took a train to the hospital to feed her baby. Never mind if there were no money to pay the fare, she walked up and down the train to avoid the face of the ticket inspector. This was for two months.

When I called her one morning she said " I' m at the hospital with Miracol, would you like to come and see her?" Why not. I took my friend Rossella and went  to see both mother and doughter. I really didn't know if I was able to find her, she did not even speak an undestandable english to give me the correct address, but I found her. She was so happy that someone was interested to her life and to her too early born baby girl! For both, food got a particular meaning. Miracol had to grown up, to hang on to life. Juliet could not sell if she had to be all days with her baby, and if she doesn't sell she doesn't eat..

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