giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Gluten free spongecake

I know I have a special feeling with gluten free in this period. It's a challenge to take on ...
I'm preparing a lunch for a lovely florentine family next week.
I usually like to taste some of the recipes before a new service. This evening I tried to bake a spongecake with a few different ingredients from the original recipe. I needed a soft spongecake to stuff cream in. The spongecake was soft but thin. In any case it was delicious... Update will follow...

domenica 20 aprile 2014

The story of Juliet 2

Juliet escaped from her country when her father was murdered. He changed his faith from muslim to christian. An armed group of muslim activists did not agree with the decision and killed him under the eyes of his doughter. She only had to leave the country in a very fast way. Moving on traks through the desert, she got to Morocco and than to Spain, got a train and reached Italy where a friend was waiting for her. She was told that if you go to Italy you find a job and you can send money to your relatives for a decent life. Juliet discovered soon that things are not that way... She got a job, yes, for one year, taking care of an old lady in Napoli. She breathed a little bit, she had the money that her brother and mum were expecting to receive from her. But the old lady died, and what could she do than?
Paul liked Juliet and asked her to follow him to Tuscany. Something will come out, he may have thought. Juliet followed him and when she discovered to be pregnant she didn't wanted to keep the baby. How could she grow this baby if she has no roof on the head?Paul wanted to keep the baby. "We will do somehow", assured him, that has no residence permit.

venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Lezione di cucina senza glutine per bambini

Ho portato con me Gabriele, il mio bambino provetto cuoco.
E' arrivato alla lezione bene organizzato, con il suo grembiule che quasi non gli sta più.
E' pronto a tutto!

Ok allora iniziamo. Ci dividiamo in gruppi di 5 bimbi ed ogni gruppo prepara un piatto.
La nostra ricetta è il rotolo di pan di spagna con niente popò di meno che..... la insuperabile Nutella... A lavoro!
Tutti quanti vogliono fare. Non c' è pericolo, ce n' è per tutti! Il nostro pan di spagna deve montare bene. Lo facciamo senza il lievito, come si comanda.
E allora: chi rompe le uova, chi le separa, chi mette lo zucchero e a turno.... 5 muniti per uno con la frusta in mano. Pan di spagna montato alla perfezione!
Adesso non ci resta che metterlo in forno ed aspettare. Nel frattempo però non possiamo stare lì senza far nulla, con tutto quel ben di Dio che ci gira intorno. Qualcuno si butta in mezzo a gli altri gruppi qualcun' altro pulisce il cucchiaio, e qualcun'altro ancora pulisce bene quasi fino al gomito il barattolo della nutella da mezzo chilo...
Ma il nostro dolce è finalmente pronto e l'ora della merenda è quasi arrivata.
Bene, spalmiano la nutella e arrotoliamo il nostro bel dolcino. E se lo facessimo tutto cioccolatoso, anche il fuori? Idea meravigliosa! Io ci metterei anche due chicchi dolci che ho visto nel banchino dei cup cakes... certo e perchè no!
Ed ecco pronto il nostro rotolo, morbido e goloso.

Abbiamo finito e mentre aspettiamo la pizza e la schiacciata guardiamo intensamente i biscotti e la crostata. Ops, un ditino ha strusciato sulla marmellata. Sarà meglio dargli una ciucciatina per elimiare le prove...

Anche noi arriviamo, stiamo finendo di decorare i topini e i riccetti di  cioccolato e biscotti.

Il lavoro è finito. Ora una bella foto tutti insieme impazienti di fare la nostra fantastica merenda cucinata tutta da noi!

Grazie Laura della bella esperienza.

The story of Juliet 1

One morning I reached her by phone and took appointmet at the railway station. She came and in a very simple way just explained that she had a baby of 1.200 kilo weight at 28 weeks life...Every day she took a train to the hospital to feed her baby. Never mind if there were no money to pay the fare, she walked up and down the train to avoid the face of the ticket inspector. This was for two months.

When I called her one morning she said " I' m at the hospital with Miracol, would you like to come and see her?" Why not. I took my friend Rossella and went  to see both mother and doughter. I really didn't know if I was able to find her, she did not even speak an undestandable english to give me the correct address, but I found her. She was so happy that someone was interested to her life and to her too early born baby girl! For both, food got a particular meaning. Miracol had to grown up, to hang on to life. Juliet could not sell if she had to be all days with her baby, and if she doesn't sell she doesn't eat..

giovedì 17 aprile 2014

The story of Juliet

I want to tell you a story. This is the story of Juliet that was told to change her name when she arrived to Italy.
When I first met her, she stand out of the bar Vezzosi. It was a cold morning of the past winter and she was there with a light coat on, selling things. I asked her if she wanted to read a magazine and she answered to me that she had many questions to ask. I went to visit her  at the same place several times since when I did not find her anymore. She just disappeared. One day I received a call from the hospital. She was leaving to go home but did not tell me why she had to be there. For some weeks we were not able to meet. Her telephone did not work and the conversations were always broken. I couldn't give up. I must find her and know what happened.

martedì 15 aprile 2014

It is already about two weeks that I'm trying to get the leaven with the gluten free flours. I decided to bake a sourdough bread with gluten free ingredients and follow the recipe of Edda that makes an extraordinary bread.
It proved my patience a little bit but the results pay the perseverance.
I started with a couple of spoons of sugar, rise or other gluten free flour, some warm water to get a soft dough. I mixed the ingredients in a bowl and leave it in a warm place for the day. I did the same thing in the evening, and the morning before and the evening, .... until I saw the mixture rising and doubling. I prepared a dough and left it rise for few hours on a baking try. Oven to 220 ° and cook for about 10 minutes, than to 190° for about 30 minutes. Is there some of you that makes gluten free bread and like to share recipes? :) 

venerdì 11 aprile 2014

Gnudi di grano saraceno con burro e salvia / buckwheat "gnudi" with butter and sage toppingl

I had the honour to be part of the group called  "Chef Project", that the Italian Association for Celiac desease organized few weeks ago in Florence, Italy. The aim of the project is to form a group of chefs that are able to give a safe service to the customers and a good quality and healty food.
Each of us should bring a recipe. I brought with me the well known florentine "gnudi", revised to the occasion.
If you are not a florentine you will likely don't know what a gnudo is...  The word itself means undressed.. so funny... This is because the inside stuffing of the raviolo has no cover...
The original gnudi are made with boiled and finely chopped spinach, fresh ricotta cheese, flour, eggs, parmesan cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper. We mix the ingredients and make small balls that we cook in the boiling water and sauté with a topping of butter and sage, salt and pepper. I made an adjustment and changed the wheat flour with the buckwheat and here it is: my dish of gnudi di grano saraceno with butter and sage topping!

To accomodate my green balls I prepared a wafer of parmesan cheese. Simply delicious and gluten free!

domenica 6 aprile 2014

Hallo to all of you over the world!
Today I start writing into my blog. I took a little time to get to this moment... considering the time I'm giving to the familiy, job, responsibility, .... But now I'm here, writing about the recipes I adore, that I would like to improve and the recipes the my guests like.
This blog wants to be an exchange between all that want to tell about themselves though the good food!
Good blog to everybody!

Il blog di Salvia e Ramerino

Buongiorno a tutto il mondo!
Oggi inizio a scrivere sul mio blog. Ci ho messo un po' a partorire questo momento, visto i figli, il tempo, il marito, gli impegni.... ma eccomi qua a scrivere delle mie ricette che adoro, che vorrei migliorare, che piacciono ai miei ospiti e clienti. Questo blog vorrà essere uno scambio anche con tutti quelli che vorranno raccontarsi attraverso il cibo... Buon blog a tutti!